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A Southern Bachelorette, Pt. 2

We made the most of Allison’s bachelorette weekend in the short time we had. Saturday evening was dedicated to a night on the town. We started off at Vic’s on the River for a nice dinner and adored [devoured] their biscuits and honey butter. It’s right on River Street and I’d go there again in a heartbeat for the food and the views of the Savannah River.

After that, we started off a martini at Jen and Friend’s. It’s a tiny little spot off the beaten path, and their martini menu is unbeatable. Where else can you get a birthday cake martini with a SLICE of birthday cake on the rim of your glass? It’s worth a try. The night life scene in Savannah was just as fun as we’d heard, and Saturday was exactly what we’d hoped!

We woke up the next morning bright and early, thanks to a certain bride-to-be who can’t sleep late to save her life… 😉 It was our last day though, so we got up after a little bit of grumbling.

We were headed to Tybee Island to explore the barrier island, grab some brunch, and see the lighthouse. The weather was hot but not sticky, and the blue skies above were perfect for a day on the island. It seemed that everyone on the island was out. Dragging coolers and wagons piled with kids, sunscreen, snacks, lunches, and beer. Wearing bathing suits on the main road on Tybee. Everyone was heading in one direction — the beach.

Our choice for brunch was the Tybee Island Social Club and good gracious, we couldn’t have made a better choice. I got the Social Steak Biscuit — a homemade buttermilk biscuit with country fried steak and a fried egg in the middle. Don’t forget the pepper gravy either. It-was-heaven. From there, we went over to the Tybee Island Light Station and got to know a little history of this particular barrier island.

In the early afternoon, we headed off, speeding down I-95 headed for Brunswick and my sweet Grandma’s house, where I’d be spending the next week.

It was a beautiful weekend, and just the thing Jessica and I wanted for our bride-to-be, Allison!

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A Southern Bachelorette, Pt. 1

Well, well, well. It’s high time I get back to telling the stories of this year before I forget them altogether. Let’s go back in time a bit – to the end of April just when all the madness of travel started.

As you might recall, my sister Allison got married in May. Before I could let her do that, though, we needed a bachelorette weekend. I was the Maid of Honor and I couldn’t let the opportunity pass. With the help of her dear friend Jessica, we planned a memorable weekend in the city of oaks and moss, brownstones and ghost stories, fried foods and sweet tea — Savannah, Georgia.

We had a basic plan: we wanted to enjoy ourselves, eat a lot of good southern food, explore Savannah, and maybe have a little [a lot] of fun while we were there. Pretty standard. The weather was exactly what I’d wanted — a hot sun, blue skies, and just enough breeze to keep the humidity at bay.

Our hotel was right downtown, walking distance from River Street and all the beautiful squares that Savannah’s famous for. We started off the weekend with tapas at Jazz’d before setting off on a 10pm Ghost Tour. We decided on “The Beyond Good and Evil Tour” with tour guide, Nicodemus. There’s nothing better than a ghost tour that starts at a cemetery and is led by someone with an accent, is there? Nicodemus was funny, vibrant, and knew his history well. We walked through squares and he’d point to a house and detail a gruesome death that took place there, or tell us the inexplicable things that still happen there to this day. It took me less than 2 minutes to get all shivery and spooked.

My favorite stop was at the Mercer House, made famous by the murder of Danny Hansford and the book of that story, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. If you haven’t read it, I’d add it to your summer reading list.

Our Saturday was devoted to exploring Savannah. We walked down to the Savannah River to stroll on the cobblestones of River Street. We stopped into River Street Sweets for a fresh taste of their chocolate salt water taffy and some pralines to go. We explored the squares in the daylight and laughed at how spooked we’d been the night before. We goofed off, ate pizza, and enjoyed being together.

It was the beginning of a relaxing Southern Bachelorette weekend, and exactly what we all wanted!

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Enjoying the Hiatus

I’ve unintentionally been off the radar for almost a month, and I have to say, it’s been nice. I’m in a place right now where I’m feeling a little restless — thinking of my future, my dreams, my career. Starring into the gray abyss ahead and trying to decide where to step next on my path. Stepping away from everything but the necessities has been needed.

I’ve also been traveling quite a bit. I was in Georgia for a few weeks to spend time with family and see my sister get married. Now I’m in SF but with some special visitors all the way from Dubai–Anish’s Mama and Papa! We are thrilled to have them here and have been touring the Bay Area like crazy over the long weekend.

So for now, I’m offline but enjoying time with good people who are helping to revive a weary soul who can’t figure out where she wants to go next. We’re off to Montreal on Friday — all four of us — to watch Anish’s sister Diya graduate from college. I am so thrilled to visit a completely new city to me, and spend time with more of this awesome family!

I hope you all are well. Happy and rested after a long weekend in honor of those who have served our country and died for our freedom. Saying ‘thank you’ will never really be enough.


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Details of Home

I’ve been down South for the last week and a half soaking up the warm Georgia heat and time with my family. There’s still plenty more time to go and exciting things to come, but I thought I’d share some of the details from my time at home with my sweet Grandma and other family members.

It’s always, always the little things that matter the most. I’m trying harder to see them.

The view from the dining room at Grandma’s onto her cozy porch and her backyard.
A homemade coconut cake made by the sweetest Grandma, just because I wanted one.
Pulling out old albums to sing along to at Grandma’s. Tapping my toes to the beat of Herb Alpert’s band.
Flipping through family albums at my Grandma’s. Finding old photos like these and remembering. Bear the Bassett, Dad’s old Jeep, my bowl cut.
A gorgeous day in the backyard at my aunt and uncle’s. Swinging by the pool with jazz in the background.
Paper cranes at my Aunt Kim and Uncle Brian’s.
My awesome cousin reading LOTR on the swing.
Sunset over the marshes on the way home from Grandma’s to Dad’s.
Farmer Bob surveying the farm.
Sometimes you need a little pink lipstick to go for a ride out in the woods. 😉 (City girl / country girl?)
Leisurely evenings in the adirondacks with the old hound at my feet.
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