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Park Break

Soaking in the springtime sun in the Boston Common. Finally finishing my first winter! Spring is more than welcome for this warm-weather lovin’ Georgia girl.


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Putting pen to paper & a hello.

It was a dark and stormy night. 

Well, it is certainly dark, but instead of stormy, it is one of the most pleasant nights that Boston has had in weeks. It was 75 degrees today, so naturally, all the New Englanders stampeded outdoors and into Boston’s parks.

As a Southern girl emerging from my first real winter, I also took to the streets and tried for a second to pretend I was in the middle of my woods back in Georgia, listening to the sounds of the river and soaking in its peace. Alas, it didn’t work—sirens and city noise never seem to fade around here. But a good walk to one of our favorite parks and back through the quiet neighborhoods of Brookline helped revive my soul.

Bravo to those of you who noted my Madeleine L’Engle reference. I’ve just finished her Time Quintet for the third(+) time, and as a result, have lots of wild ideas swirling in my head. Just can’t get enough of the Murry family.

I don’t know about most of you, but writing something on a blog seems so intimidating. It feels so vulnerable to be typing into this textbox and hitting “Create Post,” and thus sending my words into the great beyond.

Writing, for us so-called writers, is certainly not as easy as it looks. But here I am. Trying.

Tomorrow I’ll bring you a taste of some recent adventures, and tell you a little more about me. Goodnight world.

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