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The Weekend


Big change this weekend, y’all. It’s been crazy. Moving from one side of the city to the other. Seems inconsequential, but it is actually monumental. One neighborhood filled with late night parties, students, and a generally high level of mayhem, exchanged for a quaint Boston neighborhood filed with history, sweet shops, and different kinds of folks (young, old, students, professionals… a huge mix!).

We managed to move-in a couple days earlier than the dreaded September 1st Boston moving day. Have you heard about this? Don’t ever try to drive around Boston on September 1. In fact, avoid Boston entirely, or else you’ll get in traffic on main streets (like Comm. Ave) crowded with people moving in and out of apartments, mattresses filling the sidewalks, and in Allston especially, abnormally huge piles of junk that people throw out.

They call it ‘Allston Christmas’ (here’s funny article on Bostinno discussing should-be rules for this odd ‘holiday’). It’s a scavengers paradise. People just throw their crap out, and not necessarily in trash cans. They throw it on sidewalks, beside trash cans and everywhere in between. Then other people walk around and take the crap. It’s very strange.

But anyway… we did it! We moved. Our place is fantastic. We are happy, as shown here.

We went to brunch on Sunday at Abe & Louie’s, which was amazing not only because of the food (How incredible did that Eggs Benedict look?), but because we were able to WALK there. Through Beacon Hill, across the Boston Public Garden, down Newbury, and over to Boylston. You’d be surprised… even when living “in” a city, not everything is always walkable. But now it is! No T (specifically the B-Green line) for me!!!!


Last week was a doozy to say the least. But we’re settled. Things are coming together. I’m happy about most things and I’m trying to keep calm about other things.

Labor Day was relaxing, just as it should be. A. and I biked the Charles and enjoyed time together. It was nice to see the sunset from our new place, and feel so content right where we are.

I hope you all had a fabulous and relaxing Labor Day weekend, and have the best week possible! I can’t wait to share my new neighborhood. Soon.

For now, be merry! It’s a four day work week. 🙂

– T

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