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Thoughts from the Train

I snagged an Amtrak ticket for cheap from New York to Boston and decided to sneak away from our week-long trip to the City and spend 48 hours in New England. I love the train because it avoids the traffic and the hassle of the bus in favor of quiet, Wifi, and coastal views from the train.

I’ve only gone back to Boston once since we moved last September. If you remember, we left Boston on the last day of September 2013 and woke up in San Francisco on October 1, which is Anish’s birthday and was a new day, new month, new life in a new city. No small thing.

It’s been wonderful and wow, we’ve seen so much since moving to the West Coast, but I’ve had many heavy moments where I questioned our decision. Where I kicked myself for not moving to New York instead, or just plain cried because I missed Boston. Eventually [thankfully] those feelings always fade. The nostalgia tucks itself back in my heart, and I look out from our Russian Hill neighborhood at the Bay and Alcatraz and Mount Tam in the distance, and I can smile again. It is really something, that city. There’s no place like it. I’m grateful to be there and for all the opportunities it has afforded us. And yet… and yet, I still miss the East Coast.

One of the many wonderful things that Anish does as a partner is remind me that nothing in our life is set in stone. He always says to me, when I’m having a moment, “Taylor, if we need to move back, we will. If you want to go home to Boston, we can. If you want to move to New York, let’s do it. If we think we should go to London for a year, why not? We can do what we need to do to be happy.”

It’s not as if we’ll up and move tomorrow after one emotional moment, but his reassurance that the option exists is enough. Isn’t that true? If you feel trapped, things always feel worse. Even if San Francisco is our forever, just knowing that no one and nothing is making me stay is enough.

For now, we’re Californians. We might not be forever, but where we are is good. And when I’m missing it, when I need that New England feeling and hugs from some of my closest friends, I’ll take a trip.

And tonight, I think I’ll go to Boston.



I’ll be back to Hawaii posts soon. I have many more stories to tell, including the “special” one, and lucky for all of us, we just got our photos back! Stay tuned. For now, I’m going to soak up the rest of this week with my best guy, best friends, and favorite cities. xoxo – Taylor


Boston Strong

Thinking of Boston today. A piece of my heart still lives there.

Thinking of the Marathon runners and attendees. The people of Boston. The victims last year.

Just one year ago. It’s hard to believe.

Sending positive thoughts and prayers to everyone in that gorgeous city.

Wishing everyone a safe, harmonious, and strong Marathon Monday.

We’re all with you.



Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, ghouls and gals! Hope you have a spooky, treat-filled day. I’ll be serving the punch at our office party this afternoon. It’s a potent brew, let me tell you!

But you know… there’s really only one thing that I’d like to say today and that is GO RED SOX.

Boston Strong, Fear the Beard, and happy World Series win, Red Sox. We love ya, Boston, and we always will.

Celebrating the Red Sox win last night by taking our first trip to Bi-Rite for a whopping scoop of cookies and cream. The way to do it.


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Saying Goodbye to Boston

Phew, y’all, this move is really happening and SOON. This is our last full day in Boston, and we’re going to New York this weekend, so time is short. We’ve been saying our goodbyes to the folks we know and love–ending them with, “it’s a see you later, not goodbye!” Lots of invitations to visit San Francisco are being given out too.

As far as the blog goes, over the next few weeks it’ll be a mix of our New York trip, reminiscing about Boston, and the San Francisco move. Things like: how you ship your things cross country, living in an empty apartment, moving to a new city without a new apartment, and how to not go crazy during all of it. Fun stuff like that. Hope you’re ready for a wild ride.

Boston, I miss you already! Especially these guys…


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