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I spent my childhood walking my dirt road at home in Georgia with bare feet and a happy heart. Splashing in puddles, singing songs, and exploring the woods.

This is a personal, writing blog. A place to share my adventures with family all over the world, and you, too. Thanks for stopping by!

I’m Taylor and here I am, a ~few years ago (!!), graduating from my beloved University of Georgia. Go Dawgs!!!

Years ago I walked down that old dirt road in Georgia with dreams of writing novels, having grand adventures, and someday traveling the world.

Fast forward to now: Small town turned big city. Working in tech, a career I never imagined. Married to an international guy from India and Dubai that I met on a Model UN trip in 2005. Moved all the way from Georgia to Boston and then to San Francisco… so it seems that some dreams have already started coming true.

Welcome to my small part of the universe where novel-writing and grand adventures mix with plans of world travel and my day-to-day working girl life in a big city. There’s a little bit of love mixed in too.


I very much agree with Peter Pan when he says, “To live will be an awfully big adventure.” I hope you enjoy reading about mine.



  1. Ummm. Why am I having so much trouble finding pics from a certain Model UN Conference? 😉 So excited to connect with you!!

    • Well I don’t know… Could be that the goober factor is WAY TOO HIGH in that photo and shouldn’t be revealed to the world. 😉 I’m so happy to have met you, Kate!

  2. i LOVE that quote from peter pan. perfect. so glad i met you over the weekend!

    • Isn’t it? It was great to meet you Alaina! I hope you are incredibly happy in Colorado.

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