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Home in Athens

I had one more week left in Georgia, so like usual, I sped up I-95 to I-16 to Highway 17 to Athens. I needed to see my mama and spend time with her and Jesse for a while before heading back to San Francisco. (Note: there are no such things as restful vacations when I’m visiting my family–too many people to see and places to go!)

It was her birthday that weekend, so I had a few surprises for her. Otherwise, we were planning to spend a week together at home, get some things done, and enjoy the Classic City.

Couple a’ things we had to do: go to Jittery Joe’s for a latte; eat Schlotzsky’s (original sandwich for me!); eat Barberito’s; get a Chick-fil-A milkshake; walk around UGA’s campus; and play with my sweet pup, Gatsby. Yes, I realize that that list was mostly food.

It was nice to be home. Walking around UGA’s campus always makes me smile and remember those four wonderful/ridiculous/educational years I spent there. I learned there, I made mistakes there, and I grew up in Athens, Georgia. I danced through the UGA Arch once or twice, just because I can, as a graduate. I’ll always be a Dawg and bleed that sweet red and black.

The week went by way too fast, but it wasn’t over yet. It was still Lia-Gras (my Mom’s birthday week(s)!) and I had one trick left — a trip to one of our favorite places in north Georgia: The Dillard House.

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