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Day 1 + Anish’s Birthday

When I opened my eyes on Tuesday the 1st, I was in San Francisco. It didn’t seem real. Hadn’t I just been in Boston? Where were my things? Halfway between here and there, on an Amtrak train somewhere in the Midwest? Yep. My reality was and is now San Francisco. Really!

We woke to a refreshing breeze coming through the cracked windows of P’s living room with the noise of the street below as our wake-up call. People walking, heading to catch their trains and buses. Parents walking children to school. Cars going by. Birds (lots of birds!) chirping. The sounds of a city that already seemed very different than Boston.

Anish whispered to me, “Tay, we live in San Francisco now.” I whispered back to him, “Happy birthday, love.”

On Tuesday, we woke up in California and Anish was a year older. How monumental! I’m sure you keep laughing (or shaking your head) that I keep repeating those facts, but gosh, when you decide to take a leap and move somewhere, it is surreal and outrageous and must be repeated!

We woke up slowly. I walked down to a cafe on a nearby corner with P while Anish got ready. We ate ham and cheese croissants and I had a cafe au lait. I had the day off to get settled (as much as you can without a permanent place) and it was Anish’s birthday, so we had a few plans to see the city.

By late morning we were out the door into the crisp, gorgeously sunny day. We walked through the Lower Haight to our reserved Zipcar. My plan for the day was to take a drive up the coast, over the Golden Gate Bridge and into Marin County to see a bit of the surrounding area of the city and get a feel for what northern California is like.

We shared a fried oyster po’boy on the harbor of Sausalito at Fish and walked around the marina afterwards. There seemed to be an outstanding view in every direction. Wherever we looked, we exclaimed, “Look at that!” We drove through the hills (mountains) on the freeway, taking in every detail.

Before long we headed back across the bridge into the city to drive around and see some neighborhoods. We passed through the Marina, Pacific Heights, Alamo Square, etc etc. I wanted to get a face-value feel for the areas that we will potentially live. I’m glad we did it, but we definitely need to get our walking shoes on and do it again, but slowly.

We drove up Twin Peaks for the view and looked down on the city we will soon call home. The city where we’ll find an overpriced apartment. Where we’ll explore and hike and sightsee. Where we’ll eat new foods and old favorites. Who knows what will happen to us here!

We spent the evening in Russian Hill at Nick’s Crispy Tacos, partaking in $2 tacos and cheap margaritas for Taco Tuesday, a neighborhood favorite. Anish loved it and it kind of felt like a birthday-day to him, even though all this change has us feeling like every day is an abnormal day. But that’s okay because change is hard and also exciting, and at this point in our lives, we embrace it because when will ever get these chances again?





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