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[Video] The Quest to get to Blogshop

Dear readers,

I’ve been dreaming about something for quite a while. It’s a frequent topic of conversation between A. and I. “I have to try to get to this one day. [As a recent grad], can I figure out the finances? This is just what I need for my blog. For me.”

“We’ll get you there, Tay,” he always says. “Someday.”

What is it? Only the best thing since college… Blogshop. A two-day Photoshop and blogging class taught by designer Bri Emery and photographer Angela Kohler.

I’ve got a blog. A domain. A few posts. But I need more heart. More soul. An inspiring vein that runs through my blog and challenges people to think, to see beauty, or just to laugh. Bri and Angela don’t just teach mechanics. They inspire and send out students with a fire in their souls. They ignite the spark that gives students a feel for how to blog, and through that, be the best they can be. It’s an opportunity that I’ve only dreamt of… until last week.

Last Tuesday, Bri posted the Big Time Giveaway on her blog (I read it daily!). I’ve spent the whole week mulling over it. Whoever wins gets a free pass to Blogshop, plus too many fantastic gifts to name. The opportunity is too wonderful to pass by. I entered immediately: I submitted a comment on the giveaway post about why I should go. I tweeted. I commented on Facebook. But that wasn’t enough for something I want so badly.

So here’s a little video to show just how much I want this. It’s only 60 seconds (without outtakes!). For a laugh, be sure and watch till the end. A. made sure to get all my best sides. 😉

Blogshop from Taylor Merck on Vimeo.

Wishing you all an inspired Monday.

– T


Curious to know how it turned out?? Head over here to find out.


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